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bathroom graffiti at neighboorhood pizza place

Posted by yeahdef on 27/04/08, 04:02 PM

fucking bitch

Posted by grandson on 24/04/08, 12:33 PM

good for a laugh

Posted by yeahdef on 23/04/08, 10:13 PM

transformers 3

Posted by bj on 23/04/08, 04:52 PM

Rare version of the sega genesis

Posted by bj on 23/04/08, 01:01 PM

FUCK ... YES ...

Posted by yeahdef on 21/04/08, 08:09 PM


Posted by iamascientist on 20/04/08, 09:03 PM

nothing like selling a little porn on CL eh?

Posted by yeahdef on 18/04/08, 09:33 PM


Posted by RIPOP on 16/04/08, 06:54 PM

hoopzballa and paul yuk it up

Posted by yeahdef on 16/04/08, 04:51 PM

made a money sign out of the G

you just got gary'd
Posted by RIPOP on 08/04/08, 11:46 PM


Today I feel like this
Posted by yeahdef on 01/04/08, 08:27 PM