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what's hapnin what's jammin
party till you drop

Posted by yeahdef on 30/11/07, 08:53 PM

hahah the megadeth one

scrub to 1:25
Posted by yeahdef on 30/11/07, 04:48 PM

bring it around town

Posted by bj on 30/11/07, 02:20 PM


i like to imagine the daily life of the kid who made this.
Posted by yeahdef on 28/11/07, 03:10 AM

Robot Man

So apparently the Beta Band broke up 3 years ago? Nobody bothered to tell me.
Posted by Kupe on 28/11/07, 12:56 AM

Posted by chas on 26/11/07, 06:07 PM

Relationship advice

The only thing worse than getting dumped is getting dumped into a pool of acid.
Posted by bj on 26/11/07, 12:54 AM


... that's what she said
Posted by yeahdef on 24/11/07, 01:45 PM


Posted by bj on 20/11/07, 03:52 PM

animals get wasted off fruit

the background music is really what seals the deal
Posted by chas on 19/11/07, 12:10 AM



Posted by bj on 18/11/07, 04:20 PM


"I'm here listening to my music that I have on my computer. I get so emotional listening to the love songs that tears stream down my cheaks. I'm imagining being with YOU, even though I don't know your name, or what you look like. Can you understand that? ..."

No duh.
Posted by iamascientist on 16/11/07, 10:02 PM


a message? to america? fucking bush. i love america!

Posted by yeahdef on 14/11/07, 12:44 AM

SUck itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Posted by yeahdef on 13/11/07, 02:55 AM

Trolls Suck It

Posted by yeahdef on 12/11/07, 01:09 AM

charlie chaplin shit

Posted by yeahdef on 11/11/07, 08:08 PM

epic misspelling


Posted by bj on 09/11/07, 05:25 AM

fuck, grandma!

One time my grandma had a funny idea for a movie and it was funny because the title was a pun: She wanted to call it SlotterHouse 5 and it was going to be about young people and how much they love to gamble.
Posted by grandson on 08/11/07, 02:52 PM

mean things

sometimes i have things to say that aren't very nice. like this:
i do not think that Jay-Z is attractive.

Many others probably think this too, but perhaps they wouldn't say it. Well I did.

Hey fatso, how does it feel to be so fat?
Posted by bj on 07/11/07, 09:31 PM

find out what it means to me

Posted by yeahdef on 06/11/07, 07:28 PM

Get out there and vote

Our new leader
Posted by Kupe on 06/11/07, 06:53 PM