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o.j. dingo

Posted by RIPOP on 30/10/07, 04:42 PM

Future Crew Unreal Demo

back in 1992 i was 7 years old.
future crew was making these awesome demos about what the future would be like.
its kind of hit or miss, but i think they were spot on with the floppy disk twisting into the future.
Posted by yeahdef on 29/10/07, 02:29 PM

best decision

Posted by bj on 26/10/07, 02:25 AM

The Seven Deadlies
Posted by yeahdef on 21/10/07, 12:02 PM

This was taken in Modesto, Californimodest

Posted by yeahdef on 21/10/07, 11:09 AM



this is a picture of a stuffed thing in one of those claw-grab machines compared to my former roommate

a striking resemblance
Posted by chas on 18/10/07, 11:03 PM

Great Taste!

Posted by Kupe on 15/10/07, 01:45 PM

clearly I can see your nuts

This clown always parks in our lot and walks to school.
Note: car also features leopard print fluffy steering wheel cover and extensive frontal rust.Nuts about volcom
Posted by yeahdef on 08/10/07, 12:11 PM

tugg jobz

Posted by RIPOP on 05/10/07, 04:07 PM

baby fat gangstas

westside connexion
Posted by yeahdef on 03/10/07, 12:44 PM

asimo makes the crowd shit their pants

Cracken56 (Reply) (Spam)
asimo can dance now.. but in future? they will use in war... and lot of robots like this or better will destroy a lot of humans... robots will control the world, its only and adversiment but... maybe a reallity

Gorygamer56 (Reply) (Spam)
I wonder if Asimo can give you the finger. Or say fuck and shit
Posted by RIPOP on 01/10/07, 02:30 AM