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Dunk Paft

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Posted by yeahdef on 30/09/07, 10:25 AM

my black brothers

Posted by bj on 29/09/07, 01:39 PM

highly recommended


got one of these in the other day, works really well in my jambox
$20 is a steal
also works standalone, and as a card reader.
Posted by yeahdef on 28/09/07, 02:37 PM


Posted by RIPOP on 28/09/07, 02:25 AM

I'm from the kick ass tribe.

Posted by yeahdef on 26/09/07, 07:38 PM

buggy rollin'

Posted by RIPOP on 24/09/07, 05:29 PM

Nice Record Company Graphic

found this going through some of my 45s
Posted by yeahdef on 22/09/07, 08:57 PM

Response to My Shitty Video

Posted by yeahdef on 22/09/07, 04:04 PM

what is he selling

calling all nut lovers

nut lovers
Posted by chas on 17/09/07, 01:55 PM

Cry Into Your Beer

Posted by yeahdef on 17/09/07, 09:45 AM


Posted by yeahdef on 16/09/07, 06:54 PM

Stockholm report #2

Posted by bj on 16/09/07, 11:07 AM

SouthParkMexican Hiring

Posted by yeahdef on 13/09/07, 07:24 PM

Fight the Good Fight

Posted by yeahdef on 11/09/07, 10:14 PM

realistic fight scene

Posted by RIPOP on 11/09/07, 05:48 PM

Basinet of Basura

Posted by yeahdef on 11/09/07, 11:14 AM

Dungeon Magic

Posted by yeahdef on 10/09/07, 10:22 AM

Stockholm report #1

- Normal people actually go to 7-11 and buy stuff to eat.
- There are lots of 7-11s
- 7-11 is way nicer, but still dirty inside.
- Kids are still wearing LA/NY New Era hats even though they are 298374 miles away
- 2-pac gets radio play
- mcdonald's' still everywhere
- I am already tired of seeing so many white people
Posted by bj on 09/09/07, 05:39 AM

who is thirsty?

Posted by bj on 08/09/07, 03:52 PM

3.14 in my meal

Posted by bj on 07/09/07, 12:53 PM

buffalo bill's

Posted by RIPOP on 06/09/07, 12:50 AM


Posted by yeahdef on 05/09/07, 02:18 AM

Sometimes they are friends

Posted by bj on 04/09/07, 02:21 PM

if you dont have the TA RSS

Posted by yeahdef on 04/09/07, 02:14 AM