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looks like the hypotenuse

Posted by RIPOP on 30/08/07, 04:55 PM


So like 10 years ago or something, this guy charged Nolan Ryan at the pitcher's mound and then got put into a headlock and punched in the face repeatedly by Nolan Ryan in front of however many assholes were watching the game...

I've been looking for a video of it, but I think the MLB or ESPN has gone through extensive trouble to keep it off of the internet. However, there are photos of the event. More surprisingly, there are photos of Nolan Ryan punching Robin Ventura, that are actually autographed by Nolan Ryan. Even more awesome though is that you can actually buy a signed copy from Wal*Mart:
Posted by bj on 30/08/07, 04:53 PM

Some Serious Shit

Turns out you can rent them at
Posted by Kupe on 28/08/07, 09:31 PM

Man of Steel resorts to expunging ebool rats

Posted by yeahdef on 28/08/07, 05:29 PM

worth learning

Ultima Online Mondolin Intro
Posted by bj on 28/08/07, 05:05 PM

custom designs

Posted by bj on 27/08/07, 01:24 PM

i like everything about you

Posted by RIPOP on 24/08/07, 10:30 AM

courtesy of jennifer (for finding)

Posted by bj on 23/08/07, 03:11 PM

no stopping

Posted by RIPOP on 23/08/07, 12:30 PM

Internet 2

Posted by bj on 22/08/07, 10:30 PM



Posted by yeahdef on 21/08/07, 07:09 PM

Posted by bj on 21/08/07, 05:26 PM

j. bonah jameson

Posted by RIPOP on 21/08/07, 11:35 AM

The temperature of death

Posted by Kupe on 20/08/07, 12:30 AM

Thine Mudkip

I saw this dude in the coffee shop just now with a mudkip tattoo! I was trying to be discreet with my photos, but i should have just asked him what was up with it.

Posted by bj on 19/08/07, 03:43 PM

website preview

Posted by bj on 18/08/07, 01:57 PM

get your priorities straight

Posted by RIPOP on 17/08/07, 03:06 AM

bake sale

Posted by yeahdef on 16/08/07, 09:41 PM

daytime friends, nighttime fools

Posted by bj on 16/08/07, 03:27 PM

Camping Dancing

camping the map / getting head shots
Posted by yeahdef on 14/08/07, 07:40 PM

stairway to stardom

Posted by bj on 14/08/07, 06:11 AM

exceptable thrill

Posted by RIPOP on 13/08/07, 11:29 PM

worthy of a page swamping repost

Posted by yeahdef on 13/08/07, 10:12 AM


Posted by yeahdef on 12/08/07, 12:27 PM

Who the fuck gives a fuck

The Way I See It #261
All the darkness of the worl dcannot extinguish the light of a small candle.

-- Reza Dghati
photographer, humanitarian and National Geographic Fellow (aka some nobody)

Posted by bj on 11/08/07, 11:53 PM

Badass Fanart

Check out this awesome Mad Max fanart I found. Dude has talent.
Posted by iamascientist on 11/08/07, 05:35 PM

Never Trust Robots

Posted by iamascientist on 10/08/07, 04:42 PM

best rap ever

Posted by RIPOP on 10/08/07, 02:35 PM

You're doing it wrong

Posted by Kupe on 08/08/07, 08:07 PM

most famous Rush in the history of Starcraft

haha, go to about 2:00. crowd goes wilde soon after.

"kwongsk (1 day ago)
Boxer is making that game risky

nearly insane. "
Posted by RIPOP on 08/08/07, 05:14 PM

Hey Mr. President

Burger Street is too expensive
Posted by bj on 08/08/07, 03:20 PM

rag tag dreams

Posted by bj on 06/08/07, 05:00 PM

found lost website

found this from a few years ago looks like a lot of us wrote some poems. this one is obviously about coca cola:

poetry by chas
Posted by chas on 06/08/07, 04:36 PM

pewter bear statues

Posted by yeahdef on 05/08/07, 01:30 PM


haha this guy must just constantly sweat
Posted by chas on 04/08/07, 06:35 PM


laughed at this animal for a while while browsing for safari packages
Posted by chas on 02/08/07, 06:02 PM

rollie fingaz

"It is good to be shifty in a new country" is the credo of the foremost literary example of a confidence man, Captain Simon Suggs of Tallapoosa. shit you know he's cookin up a knuckleball special in that breastpocket.
Posted by RIPOP on 02/08/07, 05:36 PM


After this my truck went out of control and beat Emerald Weapon.

Posted by iamascientist on 02/08/07, 01:45 PM

fuck that

Posted by bj on 02/08/07, 01:45 AM

lots of schmucks on AIM tonight

ever notice how sometimes there are like a billion people on aim - then they sign off all together. I was thinking about that and its just completely arbitrary. like tonight, right, wed the first: never seen so many buddy list peoples online in months... do you plan this? am I in on it? whatever, heres a pic combed from teamassignment :
Posted by yeahdef on 01/08/07, 11:53 PM

maxpower supreme


haha i came across this at where people just post what they think a song means
Posted by chas on 01/08/07, 07:10 PM